Spanning 4,800 square miles, the Los Angeles Basin is home to over 10 million diverse residents and an estimated 244,000 businesses spanning a wide range of industries. Our regions continued vitality relies on being able to connect our communities’ job seekers to high-growth careers, while connecting employers to the work-ready talent they need to thrive. The LA Basin Workforce Network (LABWN)* is working to strengthen those connections, with an innovative model of collaboration that combines localized expertise, strengths, and community-specific solutions with a regional reach, resources, and vision.

*The LA Basin Workforce Network is a WIOA regional planning unit.



Now more than ever, the LA Basin needs innovative solutions to address the challenges our region’s youth and adult job seekers face. LA Basin Workforce Network is collaborating across a region to help our communities’ most vulnerable people overcome barriers and enter into meaningful, rewarding, well-paying careers.

1 in 6

young people ages 18-24 in the LA Basin are out of school and out of work1


unemployment rate for people with disabilities in LA County2


new jobs will be added to the LA Basin in 20203


of the region’s aerospace employers plan to add jobs in the next year4



We connect youth ages 14 to 24 across the region to a wide range of educational services, programs, and resources designed to help them:

  • Complete a high school diploma or GED
  • Get ready for college, adult education, or vocational school
  • Earn professional certifications recognized by employers


We’re helping our region’s young people and adults get job-ready with access to valuable, hands-on work experience through:

  • Internships
  • Job shadowing
  • Mentorships and coaching
  • Resume and interview help
  • Workplace skills


Whether looking to start a new job or advance at a current one, we offer region-wide training programs to build workers’ in-demand skills, including:

  • Classroom and online training
  • Earn-while-you-learn work experience
  • On-the-job training
  • Pre-apprenticeships and apprenticeships


Working closely with businesses across the LA Basin, we connect employers to the skilled, work-ready labor force they need to meet demand, fill gaps, and thrive. Our business solutions include:

  • Customized training programs
  • Recruitment and staffing
  • Labor marketing information
  • Layoff aversion and rapid response
  • Assistance with funding and tax incentives



Individuals who have been involved in the justice system face significant barriers to finding employment. The LABWN is part of a region-wide collaboration working to help youth and adults return to school, secure training, find employment, and rejoin their communities after serving time or experiencing the justice system.


Nearly 208,000 young adults in the metro LA area aren’t in school or employed.1 Many face additional challenges including homelessness and mental health issues, or are in foster care and group homes. The LABWN is taking an innovative approach to reconnecting our region’s at-risk youth to school, training, work experience, and employment that help them transition to successful adulthood.


The unemployment rate for people with disabilities LACounty is 13.5%, much higher than the national average.2 Yet people with disabilities have unique experiences, talents, and qualities that employers should be taking advantage of. The LABWN is leading the nation in developing training programs for job seekers with all disabilities, including intellectual and developmental, while meeting hard-to-fill labor demands of our region’s employers.


“I would not be at the position I am in…had I not received an enormous amount of help. I have just been hired by Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center. I thank you for all of your assistance and dedication that you have given me.”

Job Seeker

“This program has helped me advance in my career. I want others to know that these opportunities are out there.”

Job Seeker, SpaceX Technician

“This partnership has been an excellent experience. The [LABWN] staff is very collaborative, and they’ve helped make sure our education and training remain aligned with employers’ needs. They’re great at facilitating, and we’ve established mutual trust to know we can call on them for future projects.”

Jan Swinton, Dean,
Workforce Development,
Glendale Community College


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