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An Easy Way to Find Training Programs

The LA Basin Workforce Network (LABWN) is committed to making it easier and faster for job seekers to find and access quality training programs that lead to better careers. As part of this commitment, we have launched our newly redesigned I-Train Regional Training Directory website featuring user-friendly and interactive features. Our new and improved I-Train website connects individuals to approved training programs across a range of industries and locations, in a matter of clicks.

How It Works

I-Train quickly links job seekers to a centralized online listing of qualified community colleges, adult education, and vocational schools across the LA Basin that offer approved, industry-recognized certificate programs and apprenticeships for a wide range of high-growth career pathways. Using any computer with internet access, job seekers can access I-Train at no cost to find training programs. Interested job seekers should contact their local America’s Job Center of California (AJCC) to see if they qualify for I-Train.


I-Train offers a simple, user-friendly way for job seekers to search for and find training, certification, and apprenticeship programs online, all from a one convenient website. Users can quickly search for specific schools or programs by name, by industry or occupation, or by location to find a program nearest them. Maps make it even easier to identify schools and programs within a specific geographic radius.


Every school listed on the I-Train online directory has been pre-qualified and approved. Job seekers know that the program they select offers industry-recognized certifications that demonstrate their qualifications for the job they’ve trained for. Users can also view side-by-side comparisons of up to four different programs including the success rates of graduates.


Job seekers are welcome to access the I-Train website at one of the many AJCCs located across the LA Basin. Our AJCC staff is available to assist with I-Train searches, as well as with a full range of services, resources, and support, including individualized career exploration, job-readiness assistance, and referrals for housing, transportation, childcare, and more.


Our re-designed I-Train website makes it easier for schools, training programs, and apprenticeships to use as well, with a streamlined, paperless application process. Now schools and programs can apply to be included in our online directory with fewer forms and steps, and have a simplified way to enter program descriptions.


“With the ability to quickly find and compare the performance of multiple training programs in a specific industry, the redesigned I-Train helps job seekers make more informed decisions about their future.”

Catherine Blaylock.
Contract Manager at South Bay Workforce Investment Board.

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